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Your pet has a message for you!
Through animal communication, I use my abilities to allow him to make his voice heard.

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I would define Animal Communication or Animal Interpretation as the ability to engage in mindful soul-to-soul, mind-to-mind, or heart-to-heart dialogue with an animal through telepathy. For my part, I receive images (clairvoyance), I hear sounds and words (clairaudience) and I perceive feelings (clear feelings).

Animal Communication allows you to get in touch with your animal in order to solve behavioral problems (needs outside its crate, destruction of objects, incessant meowing or barking), to prepare it for a future event (moving house, veterinary consultation , arrival of a child in the family or of another animal, etc.), to know its current state, to know if you like it, etc. Animal Communication also allows you to dialogue with an animal at the end of its life in order to say goodbye or deceased.

However, regarding cases of lost pets, there is no guarantee of finding them. An animal that has gotten lost is very often in a state of stress that makes it impossible to communicate with it with certainty.​ Animal Communication allows in these situations to receive leads for research, the reasons for leaving and especially to know if the lost animal is still alive. 

I also remind you that Animal Communication does not replace a veterinary appointment. I therefore decline all responsibility in the event of illness not disclosed during an animal communication.

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To do this, I need:  

  • a photo of your pet on which I can clearly see his eyes  

  • her name  

  • his age

My rates: 100 CHF per animal communication (payable in advance: Twint / IBAN / cash) 

*** "Nomadic/traveller" rates or for people living in the EU: please contact me directly 

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Let me introduce myself: Camille Dubuis, friend of animals since my youngest age. I grew up surrounded by nature, mountains, an enchanted marsh, a small forest and of course our beloved pets: cats, rabbits, goats, chickens and dogs as well as the ponies and horses at the riding school. Since my early childhood, I have always had a special bond with our animal friends.
It was in 2017 that Printen (the horse I was looking after at the time) took me to discover the wonderful world of nature spirits. He was able to talk to me soul to soul, thus opening my eyes, or rather my heart, to this fantastic world.  Printen was thus my scout on the path of Animal Communication.
I then perfected my gifts of communicating with animals through Animal Communication courses (Animal Interpreter)  then by a course of Channeling (Canal of Light) which brought me enormously.

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Discover their testimonials


"I moved with my two cats. One of them had some problems after this move. I was trying to understand his attitude. I tried everything: rescue, soothing pheromones, change of food, ... Nothing to do And then Camille was able to establish a bond with Orion and understand his condition and calm him down.Since then, my cat seems more  serene in our new habitat."

A., Guardian of Orion

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Please let me know below: your name, your email address, your phone number if you wish and explain to me the questions you would like to ask your four-legged friend or the problematic behavior to work.

+41 79 240 35 98

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Thank you for what you sent !

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